Our Objectives

Peranakan Association Australia New South Wales (PAA NSW) is a not-for-profit Cultural Society headquartered in Sydney NSW.

The association has a membership of Australian migrants and residents of Peranakan ancestry and Peranakan heritage. Peranakans are descendants of the early Chinese community who settled in the Malay Archipelago and the historical Straits Settlements (Singapore, Melaka and Penang in Malaysia). Many of the early Chinese community have over the years married with local Malays and other races from Europe (in particular, the Dutch and Portuguese).

Peranakans today are a multicultural mix who have become distinctive because of their heritage, culture and traditions. Peranakans today have preserved and perpetuated the Baba and Nonya lifestyle with a distinctive vocabulary, distinctive foods, dress, song and dance.

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Cultural Talk – Historical overview of Peranakan communities in Malaysia, Singapore, and tracing the origins and formation of Peranakan communities throughout Southeast Asia by Dr Marc Rerceretnam.

Too often with migrants in a new country, their traditions and culture may be lost to future generations. It is therefore the primary objective of PAA NSW to ensure that our association, through its membership, continue to live up to the following goals and objectives.

  1. To promote and propagate all aspects of the Peranakan culture, heritage, customs, traditions and language through the provision of opportunities in the form of social and other activities for members to meet, share and exchange all aspects of their cultural background and experiences.
  2. To promote, foster and propagate amongst members, a keen interest in Peranakan heritage and tradition.
  3. To organise and to provide members with the facilities for social and cultural events associated with Peranakan celebrations, and particularly, gatherings that reflect the seasonal festivals, cuisine, arts, culture and generally all other aspects of Baba and Nonya lifestyle that are an integral part of the Peranakan culture and heritage.
  4. To organise forums including discussions, lectures and talks on subjects relating to and of interest to Peranakan culture, history, health and welfare.
  5. To promote Peranakan drama, music, activities and culture amongst the members and to encourage and foster social interaction between members of the association.
  6. To facilitate, encourage and promote cooperation and affiliation with other associations, clubs and societies, both in Australia and overseas, which have an interest in the association’s activities or which have activities or objects consistent with that of the association in enhancing its objectives.
  7. To undertake and execute any tasks which may lawfully be undertaken by the executive committee of the association or its delegated representatives, that are conducive to attaining its objectives.
  8. To invest and deal with any moneys of the association not immediately required for its purpose upon such investments, securities or property and in such manner as may be thought fit and as by law allowed and from time to time, to vary and realise such investment in an appropriate way.
  9. If necessary, to hire and employ personnel to discharge duties and on such terms as determined by the executive committee from time to time, for payment for services rendered that are consistent with prevailing statutory obligations.
  10. To do all such acts and services as may be incidental or conducive to the furtherance of all or any of the above objectives.

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